New Aspect Counselling Counselling and Fertility Counselling in Bristol and Online

Counselling and Fertility Counselling in Bristol and online


Welcome to New Aspect Counselling. I’m Chris Mounsher and I practice psychotherapeutic counselling in Bristol and online. I offer individual counselling and also fertility counselling, specialising in male infertility.

My aim is to help you to overcome the problems and issues that bring you to therapy, exploring them in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

I am trained in psychotherapeutic counselling, and my approach is humanistic.

A humanistic approach is one that is non-judgemental, values you as an independent individual and believes that you have both freedom and responsibility in the choices you make, and that you have the power to change. I have studied a range of humanistic philosophies and approaches to therapy, such as Person-Centred therapy, Existential therapy and Gestalt therapy. ‘Psychotherapeutic counselling’ means that in addition to working on short term issues, I am experienced in supporting clients to make positive long term changes in their lives.

I will offer you support to overcome the problems you are experiencing, and give you the space to explore in more depth the patterns and beliefs that may have built up over your life, and the effect they are having on the way you live.


Why come for counselling?

Counselling is proven to increase wellbeing and reduce distress. It enables you to explore and work through issues that concern you. The benefits of counselling include greater motivation, improved self-esteem, and an increased ability to cope with the pressures of daily life. My practice is accessible to those living in Haywards Heath, Brighton, and the surrounding towns and villages.

I can help with a wide variety of issues, such as:

Anxiety, depression, self-esteem, infertility, pregnancy, problems at work, stress, drug and alcohol dependency, abuse, self harm, eating disorders, anger, disability, loss and bereavement, lack of meaning and relationship difficulties.

If the above descriptions don’t fit what you’re experiencing please contact me, as my focus is always on your individual experience. On the right of the page is a button to e-mail me directly, alternatively I can be contacted by phone on 07932896795. I offer a free initial phone call where I explain my approach and you can ask any questions you feel would be helpful.


Fertility Counselling

I offer counselling around fertility, with a particular focus on male infertility. A diagnosis of infertility and the process of fertility treatment can be a highly stressful process, and counselling offers a safe place to talk about this. Counsellng can give you a  space to talk through your feelings, to look at ways to manage the stress of investigations and treatments, and to deal with the many feelings that come up during this time. Those not currently undergoing fertility treatment may also come to counselling to talk about their options, and to talk through their feelings about an infertility diagnosis.


I offer fertility counselling online as well as in person, meaning no matter where in the country you are, you can access support. Online fertility counselling offers more convenience than face to face counselling and greater flexibility for you. Please contact me here to find out more.



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"Listening looks easy, but it's not simple. Every head is a world."
Cuban proverb.



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