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"You helped me get my life back on track, I feel more empowered to be me."

"Before counselling, life was not a thing I enjoyed, I was an addict, I was feeling suicidal, and I had relationship issues with my wife and family. These are just some of the problems that led me to seek professional help. Chris was that professional, and I’m thankful for his existence immensely. His ability to provide a comforting and nurturing space is a true gift. I feel healed, happy and mentally healthy.

Chris’s kind and open nature, his insights and interpretations of my personal experiences, which were profound and thought provoking, helped me question my attitudes and rediscover myself, which ultimately led me to lead a better life for myself and my loved ones. I would trust Chris if I ever felt I needed to seek professional help again. "

"At the time I started my counselling with Chris, I was at difficult point where I felt I had little control in my life and things looked quite grey. Chris is a great listener and helped me explore things from my past which had created patterns of behaviour and thoughts which maybe were not helpful.

When we started meeting, I was quite anxious about how our sessions would be, but quite quickly I found our time did feel safe. I was able to share what was difficult for me, and put aside a judgement I made about myself needing therapy.

I found Chris to be sensitive, caring, gentle and thoughtful. "

"Fifteen months ago, when I went to see Chris, I was broken. I had reached my lowest point, and whilst previously I’d always considered therapy as something not for me, I knew I desperately needed help. Chris offered me a safe environment, giving me an opportunity to talk, without judgement or bias, and before I knew it, stuff that had been buried for decades, was addressed and put to rest. Fifteen months later, with Chris’s help and support I am in a much better place and for the first time in a long time, I am excited and looking forward to what the future has to offer."

"Working with Chris has been really great. I didn't go into our work thinking I had a 'big' problem - I'm a trainee counsellor so it's part of my course requirement to be in personal counselling - and in the time working with Chris I was able to recognise, accept and allow the fact that I do struggle with certain things more than I let myself know. I'm not a person to ruminate or exaggerate, I'm more likely to dismiss and discount my difficult emotions. By offering me presence, consistency, warmth and honesty, I was able to see myself through Chris' eyes, and to recognise that I had been rejecting important parts of my experience. He helped me to move closer to accepting my feelings; to being able to ask for help when I need it. Now I feel much more connected to myself and I'm able to connect more deeply with my partner and friends, just as I am. It's been a really helpful process, and much of this is down to Chris and the atmosphere that he sets in his counselling room. Thank you."

"You were really impressive in the way in which you listened, understood, accepted and reflected back to me. Your powers of recall are really strong, and you were skilled at helping me to see connections between themes that I hadn’t recognised before. You created with me some metaphors which really aided my understanding, and gave me some good insights into ways in which I can enjoy life more. "

"I found working with Chris extremely helpful at a time when I needed a safe place to talk and impartial, unbiased support. For me, there was huge value in having therapy with a reliable person who I felt really listened and cared for my wellbeing. My time spent working with Chris has helped me to begin to recognise my own unhealthy patterns and I am now going forward with this awareness available to me."

"Chris creates a safe, non-judgmental space in which I felt comfortable talking openly from the first session. His approach, which is client led and completely flexible, enabled me to question and challenge my attitude to things that had been having a negative impact on my life. As a result, I’ve made some changes which are helping manage my stress levels and my relationships. I would recommend him to others who need to take stock of where they are in their lives. I know myself, the person I am today, much better for our sessions."

"I came to see Chris after I lost my father. He helped me become more aware of what was happening within me, how I was behaving and how that was connected. He provided an outlet and a safe place to explore the difficult aspects of my life as well as the tools to make changes."

"Having therapy seemed a little unnatural to me and something I was not overly keen on. After six sessions my mind has changed completely. Chris has been fantastic and I have really appreciated the time and space in which I have been able to really relax and be myself and just appreciate the now for what it is. After each session I feel so much more chilled and a little lighter. "


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